Marketing & Consulting

Our clients are very good at what they do… some provide services, such as Banks and Oil Companies, while others organize huge conventions, operate multi-location medical centers, or other mega-enterprises. We also service schools, from single-campus operations to giant metropolitan districts to internationally-renown Universities.

Some of these clients have vast Marketing departments, that appreciate our ability to understand the most complex plans and appreciate the subtlest nuances, such as what items are appropriate for a particular campaign or when a five-color-logo might be all right in black and when it is important each distinct color be a perfect Pantone match. Other clients are professionals who know what they want to achieve but are dismayed at what steps are needed to deliver them to their goals.

We have a solid history of developing Marketing and Business plans that are not only in correct form, but also show an insight to the small items that can spell the difference between success and failure. When a photographer came to us with a unique process but no marketing plan, we created not only a marketing plan, but also a business outline, obtained a suitable web address, created the logo and look and feel, laid out the site, and actually attended the first public convention where he saw his dreams turn into reality.

This makes us much more than order takers when we meet with a client who has a developed and thought-through Marketing strategy in place. When a major medical group, coordinating the efforts of thousands of physicians, came to us with their pre-existing promotional strategy, we were able to develop a series of gifts and embroidered wearables to assist them in achieving the benchmarks set out in their plan, and within budget.
Time and time again, whether with national retail-chains or energy transmission conglomerates, from high-end hotels to not-for-profit environmental organizations, we have been able to let our clients concentrate on what they do best, knowing that we will take care of the areas that they have assigned to us with the same care and sophistication that they demonstrate in their chosen fields.


Specialized Value-Add Services

Some people in our industry are “order takers”. They wait for you to call, to identify a specific item and then they write it down, look up who to call, and order the requested item. We rarely find ourselves in this position, believing we are in the solution business. That’s not to say that we won’t sell you products, just that we will be considering the total picture, creating a solution for your specific needs.

Our clients come to us for services such as the creation of corporate identity (logo design and other design work) and marketing consultation. The culmination of which is a definitive and unique branding solution for each company, including employee-incentives for safety, performance, and longevity, as well as gifts and customer-attractive products, enhancing our clients’ name recognition with their current and potential customers.

Whether it’s a comprehensive campaign entailing logo and brochure creation, safety and longevity programs, logo’d shirts and office tools from pens to mouse pads, or special gifts for valued employees or customers, such as leather portfolios, customized chocolate or crystal awards etched with recognition, the associates at PromoPros are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your event, or the comprehensive campaign that will meet your marketing goals, timeframe and budget.


Recognition and Incentive Management

Some corporate campaigns are not focused on branding a company to clients and the outside world; rather they seek to change a culture or acknowledge employees and contractors for extraordinary achievement such as the meeting of sales, attendance or safety goals, or the recognition of employees who have been with the company for a number of years.

IncentPros, our sister company specializing in incentive programs, will give you expert support, including turn-key employee incentive programs. We provide the total solution.

Let us show you how you can increase your ROI (Return On Investment) by instilling best practices, and increasing productivity, output and morale within your company on a very cost-effective basis.