Consulting With the Experts

Incentive programs are typically designed to promote the adoption of best practices in safety, attendance, and other places in the workplace where effort can improve results. They are often also used to recognize met in sales, wellness or other achievement.

Many incentive providers believe that they are in the package business… they offer a small variety of promotional products- a hat, a shirt and a mug- and leave you to decide how you’re going to hand out the items. Some offer a more sophisticated “package”- perhaps an online store with a larger variety of items- but they are still dumping the administration of the program on you, the client, to figure out how the program will operate and what to tell a participant who can’t make the website work.

At IncentPros, we are Incentive and Reward and Recognition Specialists. That’s why we developed the IncentPros subsidiary of PromoPros: our Incentive Specialists are focused on the custom design, implementation and turnkey management of a program that specifically addresses your goals. The team that formulates your solution is coordinated by Certified Professional Incentive Managers. Most of all, the team brings to the table our experience of what works (and doesn’t) in the successful programs we have designed for others.

In the design stage, we examine your corporate priorities and goals and recommend a program that accomplishes those goals while fitting your budget, special IRS tax provisions and (where applicable) OSHA and other regulatory guidelines. We then suggest implementation strategies designed to overcome the naysayers and get your entire corporate body enrolled in being active participants. Most importantly, we provide 100% turnkey management of the day-to-day and operation of the program. Elements like a corporate-logoed website (complete with a selection of over 15,000 Lifestyle Merchandise items), a toll-free help-desk staffed by friendly professionals, and managed reports provide the results you are looking for without excessive demands on your staff.