• Alicia Yvonne Skipper

    Promo Guru, CPIM

    Alicia has been with the company since March 2016, and is completely in love with this industry. As a self-proclaimed PromoGuru, she enjoys finding new and exciting products to share with our clients to help promote their messages. She recently joined the workgroup for SPARK, a fast-growing leadership conference offering a unique perspective for young professionals in promotional products careers, and could not be more thrilled. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre from Texas State University, and is thankful everyday for the many ways it has helped prepare her for both her career, as well as her life as a mother to two rambunctious boys. Alicia recently earned the designation of Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM), and aims to show that same level enthusiasm in everything she does.

  • Leslie Barrett Roark

    CAS, IP, President

    With a 27+ year career as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director, Leslie brings her unique expertise to each client. She puts her discerning eye on everything we do. Leslie’s background also includes years as Director of Training and Documentation for several software companies. Coming from the customer service industry, she embodies and insists on the highest above-and-beyond customer service experience for our clients. As a PromoPros/IncentPros customer, you will believe you are well taken care of. Leslie has earned the designation of Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM), both of which add to the expertise she brings to our clients.

  • Sean Kevin Roark

    CPIM, Vice President

    A true Renaissance man, Sean brings his expertise as a theatrical Stage Manager, a corporate Marketing Director and Chief Operating Officer in widely diverse companies such as a Broadway costume house, voice-recognition company and a web-based video conferencing service, to bear in everything he does. Listing his extensive experience does not begin to describe his marketing genius. Sean is able to see things that most do not, and he easily communicates these insights to our clients, large and small. Combining this gift with his managerial experience and creative talents, Sean brings unique and complete solutions to every client interaction.

    Sean has become an expert in the recognition and reward industry earning a designation of CPIM (Certified Professional of Incentive Management), with which he oversees the reward, recognition and incentive program segment of our business.